If you’re planning to go on a holiday or are living in Florida for only the winter but feel hesitant to leave your property empty, there’s a great option to go ahead with your plans but reduce your worries at the same time. Income Realty Home Watch is a dedicated company offering home-watching services and conducting regular property checks.

Is your area known for excessive humidity? Most homeowners who are traveling opt to control the humidity degree of their property through an air conditioning unit. But the steep costs that accompany this choice mean added expenses.

The higher the humidity, the lower the temperature of the A/C unit must be to reduce the relative humidity (RH) level. A way to reduce the energy cost is to use a dehumidifier.

It’s ideal to maintain RH levels in an acceptable range but this can be challenging when the RH levels percentage skew either higher or lower. You can counter high RH by using the home air conditioning unit.

If you ask an HVAC specialist the right AC temperature to set, the common response would be, it will depend on the outdoor temperature and RH in your environment. This is also under the assumption that your AC system will always perform in top condition, which can be too much to rely on.

living room with big windows and wooden floors

If your property is closed the entire period you’re not around, it can be subjected to high RH levels, especially if the rooms aren’t well-ventilated, particularly in bathrooms and the bottom of cabinets.

What Are the Top Five Causes of High RH?

  1. Ventilation is poor and excess moisture isn’t removed
  2. Pipes are leaking
  3. Roofs, windows, or doors show leaking
  4. The foundation accumulates water
  5. Water seeps in from other sources

If you spot signs of high RH in your home, it’s advisable to buy a portable dehumidifier since it helps lower the RH levels and energy costs.

The next question to ask is the right size of the dehumidifier to purchase.

Use the following information to guide you in your dehumidifier purchase:

Square footage Daily number of pints of moisture removed
<1,500 square feet 20-25 pints
<3,000 square feet 25-35 pints
<4,500 square feet 35-60 pints

With larger homes, a good option is to add a unit to your air conditioning system.

How to Pick a Dehumidifier

A lot of choices for dehumidifiers are available in the market. It will rely on where you intend to use it, including the potential RH levels in your area. It’s recommended to go for a model that can be put on the kitchen countertop which has a drain home connector so you can gravity drain right into the sink drain.

window with water droplets

Ensure the model has a drain hose or you can buy a separate drain hose. It’s best to be cautious and put the dehumidifier on a dish drain tray where excess moisture can empty out into the tray and right into the sink.

Install a GFCI outlet as your dehumidifier’s power source. In fact, kitchen outlets must be GFCI equipped for increased safety. Choose a model that can automatically restart in case power is interrupted.

How Much Should You Budget for a Portable Dehumidifier?

Different price points are available when it comes to dehumidifiers, such as the make, model, options, and manufacturer. It’s best to evaluate the best product. You can set aside $150 to $400 depending on the dehumidifier model you choose.

Other Solid Option to Take Care of Your Property While You’re Away

High levels of humidity can lead to mold issues which are costly to remediate. Property owners can also consider partnering with a company offering a home watch service, such as Income Realty Home Watch.

We inspect, maintain and perform a security check of your property. You’re guaranteed peace of mind as we attend to property damage and find immediate resolutions to lower repair fees.

If you’re on an extended vacation or are a seasonal property owner, it’s best to hire someone to oversee your space since leaving it for a long time can increase the damage risks. Income Realty Home Watch is an expert at handling property issues and keeping your property protected until you come back.

person inspecting a doorframe

We provide essential and frequent reports and follow a complete checklist when we inspect the property. Our professional team is also a member of the National Home Watch Association. Income Realty Home Watch remains compliant with the Code of Ethics of the organization. Our professional home watching services provide several advantages.

Contact us today at (305) 251 5561. We’ll walk you through the perks of engaging our home watching services!

What Home Watch Services Do We Offer?

Vacant properties need regular inspections to keep them in a superb state. It requires detailed checking and with Income Realty Home Watch, a checklist is prepared in advance to review the interior and exterior spaces.

The inspection process includes the following:

  1. Perform weekly and bi-weekly property inspections
  2. Accept deliveries for the property owner
  3. Hold keys and allow entry of maintenance providers to fix property issues
  4. Conduct pre and post-storm checking

Why Choose a Home Watch Service Company?

Some may feel that friends or house sitters are enough to supervise the property while they’re away. But this can be limiting given that these individuals may not have the proper training to spot considerable property issues.

With a home watch service company like Income Realty Home Watch, you can trust that we provide professional services and remain accountable. We’re bonded and insured and also have the training to detect potential property problems.

A status report of your home is provided and we ensure that the inspections are carried out in line with the industry’s best practices.

A home watch service company pays more attention to the property and reviews the interiors and exteriors in detail. It finds even minor issues and resolves them, so homeowners have peace of mind and save a lot on future repair costs.

If you’re looking for a reputable home watch service company, contact Income Realty Home Watch today!

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