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If you’re someone who takes summer holidays or winter breaks in other states, you might be anxious to leave your vacant property. Luckily, Income Realty Home Watch is here to ease your worries. You can depend on our consistent weekly or bi-weekly property inspections of your Coconut Grove property. Our extensive checklist will cover a lot!

Income Realty Home Watch understands that property owners can feel anxious when leaving a property unoccupied. Your Coconut Grove home is placed at risk for burglaries, water leaks during inclement weather, electrical issues and trespassers. With our excellent support, however, we can help keep your stress at bay.

For over 4 decades, Income Realty Home Watch has been actively overseeing several residential homes, rental units and commercial properties. We’ve established our strong reputation since 1978 such that property owners can feel their properties are safely protected even in their absence.

Income Realty Home Watch has created useful services to ensure that your Coconut Grove property is secure and maintains its value for a considerable time. No matter how long you’re away, we’re able to watch over your home.

Our property inspections are performed meticulously, and we hand out reports to constantly update the owners. Should there be any property issues that arise that need to be addressed right away, we’ll contact you to discuss the best solution.

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Income Realty Home Watch is also accredited and part of the National Home Watch Association. Initially, you may assign the responsibility of supervising your property in your absence to your neighbors and friends. However, you lose out on the benefits coming from our professional home watching services that can provide you with more peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today at (305) 251 5561. We’ll walk you through the advantages we offer with our home watching services in Coconut Grove!

What is a Home Watch?

Income Realty Home Watch is committed to performing professional inspections and protecting vacant properties when residents are not around. We are proactive in finding property issues while checking the interior and exterior of your Coconut Grove home. You can rest easy knowing that we have the expertise in offering property resolutions.

While you’re away, your Coconut Grove property may incur damages. With our help, we can promptly address the issues when you’re not around.

Why Hire Income Realty Home Watch?

With over 4 decades of experience in handling residential and commercial properties, we’re in the best position to provide outstanding home watch services. We’re also reputably accredited by the National Home Watch Association requiring our staff to be bonded and insured. Thus, further increasing your protection. Next, our professional skills and knowledge are constantly updated with the Continuing Education we are prompted to take. This is beneficial to our clients!

Our Home Watch Services

Income Realty Home Watch ensures that your Coconut Grove Property is in its peak condition. We use a detailed checklist when performing our property inspections. We examine both interior and exterior parts of your property.

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This covers:

  • Weekly and bi-weekly property checks
  • Receiving deliveries in your place
  • Keeping your keys and allowing service and maintenance providers entry as part of the maintenance work in your unit
  • Assessing the damage before and after a storm hits

What Do We Check in Your Home?

These areas are critical in our weekly or bi-weekly property inspections:

Exterior Check

While you’re away, we ensure that these are carefully observed during the inspection:

  • The roof condition of the property
  • Entry and exit points, specifically doors and windows to review the security level and see to it that they’re properly locked
  • The sprinkler system to ensure it’s in a functional state

Should we discover any issue in your Coconut Grove property, you’ll be informed immediately.

Interior Check

Interiors are also a chief priority during our inspections. We make sure to examine thoroughly and be alert to signs of damage in these areas:

  • Electrical systems. Wirings will be assessed including the outlets and the circuit box to ensure property safety
  • Plumbing systems. Water sources will be studied to ensure that leaks are not present. Water damage can be costly, so we take time to spot indicative signs such as water stains and peeling paint on ceilings and walls

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  • HVAC systems. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units should be optimally functioning
  • Security systems. Inspecting the alarm system and smoke detectors is part of our duty to make sure they’re working properly
  • Mold presence. Mold can have a bad effect on one’s health. They can multiply fast and are also costly to remedy when it’s spread out
  • Pest infestation. We’re responsible for checking if there are existing bugs, termites and rodents in your unit to reduce the property damage

Can I Have My Neighbor Perform Check-Ins on My Property?

The lack of experience and training means that neighbors are ill-equipped to handle property inspections for your Coconut Grove home. If issues materialize, they may not even detect them or know how to resolve them properly. Detailed property inspections require in-depth knowledge and strong skills. Without it, the property check-ins are futile. You may end up with high expenses for property repairs.

Can My Security System Company Perform the Same Inspection?

Basically, a security system company is only limited to checking your fire alarms. This means that they’re unable to monitor for signs of mold, pests, broken pipes and squatters in your Coconut Grove property.

Under Income Realty Home Watch, we’re able to pinpoint the issues and inform you when prompt action must be taken to resolve the situation.

About Coconut Grove, Miami

Coconut Grove is locally known as The Grove. It’s considered the oldest inhabited community in Miami. It’s bordered by LeJeune Road, South Dixie Highway, North Prospect Drive, Rickenbacker Causeway and Biscayne Bay. This city was incorporated in 1919. (Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Florida: BrickellHammocks, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Doral, Dadeland, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Surfside, South Miami, Wynwood, and Florida City

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