Reasons to Spend Winter in Florida

One of the best places to spend the holidays during the intense winter season is Florida. Snowbirds can look forward to so many things in this city. The amazing reasons will be worth the trip. In fact, those who live in Canada, the northern US states and Northern Europe have become seasonal residents in Florida.

As a sunny state where the weather is mild throughout the year, Florida has seen a rising number of snowbirds staying during the winter. Thus, Florida is nicknamed the Sunbelt region where it adopts seasonal residents every year numbering to a million!

1. Fantastic Boating Destinations

In winter, the beach can be too cold to swim in and the water activities can be limited in northern places. But in Miami, Florida, seasonal residents can enjoy the ocean, soak in the sunshine and go on boat tours.

Florida’s beaches allow you to bask under the warmth of the sun. Instead of being bundled up and wearing layers of clothes, you can take boat tours and explore different places in Florida. If you decide to stay somewhere for a few days, make sure there’s a trusty keyholder back home to take care of everything!

Here are areas to visit when boating in Florida:

  • Florida Keys
  • Charlotte Harbor
  • Jupiter/ Palm Beach
  • Tampa Bay
  • Fort Lauderdale/ Miami
  • Crystal River
  • Sarasota
  • Stuart
  • Destin
  • John’s River

2. Delectable Cuisine

Florida is a melting pot of diversity. This makes Florida’s cuisine a delightful tasting experience for its seasonal residents. You can dine and enjoy different dishes from the Caribbean to Spanish food.

lovely restaurant

In fact, Florida is popular for its “Floribbean” cuisine where Puerto Rican, Cuban, Jamaican and Colombian fusion exists. There’s no need to travel far and wide to sample a variety of food. In Florida, it’s easily accessible.

The unique flavors will excite foodies and these aren’t just available in highly-regarded restaurants. Street food in Miami is deeply satisfying with the mahi-mahi tacos, homemade empanadas and pinchos which are Latin-influenced kebabs within quick reach. Cafe culture is also strong here where you can fill up on Cuban coffee and Cuban sandwiches.

Here are some dishes to try in Florida:

  • Key lime pie
  • Stone crabs
  • Fried gator bites
  • Conch
  • Grouper and snapper
  • Lechon asado
  • Arroz con pollo
  • Jamaican jerk chicken
  • Fried plantains
  • Dole whip

3. Incredible Shopping Spots

Seasonal residents can also partake in retail therapy. In Florida, there are a ton of shopping places fit for different budgets and tastes. Whether you prefer upscale brands or casual outfits, Miami is a paradise for shoppers.

The presence of outdoor malls and outlets provide one with multiple choices. Prices will range from high-end quality clothes to more budget-friendly ones. You can splurge and treat yourself or opt for practical spending.

Two well-known malls in Florida are the Lincoln Road Mall where free yoga sessions are hosted and new stores and multiple dining spots are available. They also display one-of-a-kind brands. Another famous mall is Design District Mall where gift cards are provided and shopping assistants are around to help in your shopping selections.

shopping in florida

Here are the other top shopping places in Florida:

  • Cocowalk
  • Bal Harbour shops
  • Bird and Ludlam strip mall
  • The Falls
  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Dolphin Mall
  • Miracle Mile
  • Aventura Mall
  • Fifth and Alton
  • The Shops at Midtown Miami

4. Cultural Heritage

Seasonal residents can appreciate the vibrant cultural heritage of Florida. In 1513, it was handed the name La Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon, a famous explorer. This gave way to a solid Hispanic culture given that the first settlers were Spanish. Florida is also near Cuba. Hence, Cuban food and Caribbean music is predominant.

During winter, instead of being indoors for weeks on end, Florida offers a ton of excitement with its myriad of beaches and islands. The summer vibes can be felt by the seasonal residents. Retirees also enjoy the laid-back tropical palm trees and beaches making them a huge part of the seasonal residents in the Sunshine State.

5. Perfect Weather

The warm climate in Florida inspires more tourists and seasonal residents. Some areas are even warmer than other regions. Given its geography, Florida provides the idyllic warmth that people crave especially during the intense winter months in other states.

The perpetual sunshine in this state makes it easy to participate and plan outdoor recreation. It’s easy to schedule a beach picnic, golf game and a boating trip. Seasonal residents are not subjected to the gloom of the winter season.

beaches in florida

They can make time to bike, hike or go for a swim anytime they want. It’s also easy to attend festivals and join interesting events hosted around Florida. If you ever decide to go on vacation though, make sure to close your home right!

6. Airboat Rides

Another activity available to seasonal residents are airboat rides. You get to see sanctuaries and even endangered species. Thus, it will be easy to appreciate Florida’s wilderness when you spot wildlife and an abundance of flora.

These are often guided tours and can sometimes take half a day. There are several airboat rides you can book to suit your adventure level.

Here are the top Florida airboat tours:

  • Everglades airboat tour from Fort Lauderdale
  • Airboat tour of Palm Beach in the Swamp Monster
  • Everglades airport safari
  • Florida Everglades airboat adventure and wildlife encounter
  • Sea Dragon airboat adventure in St. Augustine

Why ever need to store a car when airboats have you covered?! It’s definitely a surreal experience and a wonderful way to experience everything Florida has to offer.

7. Fort Lauderdale’s Venetian Atmosphere

For people who primarily love the outdoors, being stuck inside the home for the whole duration of winter can put one in a bleak mood. Seasonal residents in Florida can head to Lauderdale Beach to surf and rest and enjoy the warm breeze.

In Florida, Fort Lauderdale is touted as America’s Venice with its water channels. One can fish, organize boat trips or go kayaking. The amazing activities and experiences are limitless.

Bottom Line

Florida has so much in store for its seasonal residents. If you want to go somewhere during the winter season but feel worried about leaving your home vacant for a long spell, Income Realty Home Watch is available to supervise your property while you’re gone.

With our outstanding home watch services, you can rest easy knowing your place is kept secure until your return date.

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