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We understand that your second property isn’t just real estate, but a home. However, leaving your home unattended for months can cause concern. That’s where Income Realty Home Watch comes in.

Since our inception in 1978, we’ve been dedicated to providing top-tier home watch services. From regular inspections to maintenance oversight, we offer comprehensive home watch services to ensure your property remains impeccable during your absence. Our experienced team takes care of everything, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

With Income Realty Home Watch, you can confidently leave your second home, knowing it’s in the hands of professionals who genuinely care about protecting your investment. We are committed to preserving your property’s value and ensuring it’s ready for your return whenever you choose.

Your property’s security and well-being are our top priorities. Contact us today to learn more about our home watch services and how we can cater to your needs.

What Are Home Watch Services?

Home watch services encompass a professional and proactive approach to safeguarding your residence during your absence. These dedicated professionals conduct routine visits to your home, diligently performing comprehensive inspections, maintenance tasks, and security assessments.

The primary objective is to promptly detect and address any potential issues, preventing their escalation and mitigating the risk of further damage or deterioration to your property.

Our Home Watch Services

At Income Realty Home Watch, we offer a range of professional services tailored to ensure the security and maintenance of your property while you’re away. We understand that every home is unique, and our commitment is to provide you with peace of mind and a worry-free absence.

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Here’s an overview of the extensive services we offer:

Regular Property Checks

We conduct weekly and bi-weekly inspections of your property. During these visits, our experienced team meticulously assesses the condition of your home, ensuring all systems and components are in optimal working order.

Concierge Services

As part of our concierge services, we accept deliveries on your behalf. This ensures that important packages and deliveries are received and securely held until your return.

Key Holding and Access Coordination

Rest assured, we securely hold your keys and manage access for service and maintenance providers when needed. This ensures timely attention to any necessary repairs or upkeep.

Pre and Post-Storm Checks

Florida’s climate can be unpredictable. We offer pre and post-storm checks to assess and address any damage or concerns caused by adverse weather conditions, ensuring your property remains resilient.

Home Open and Close Preparation

Before you arrive or depart, we take care of the essential preparations for your home. From setting the right ambiance to ensuring all systems are in order, your home will be ready for you or securely closed when you’re away.


We maintain detailed records of our inspections and any maintenance or repairs carried out. This documentation can be valuable for insurance purposes or as a reference for future property improvements.

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We follow checklists covering every aspect of your property, inside and out. Our systematic approach ensures no detail is overlooked, from the condition of your roof to the functionality of your environmental systems. Here is the list of areas we checked during our visit:

Exterior Checks (Excluded from Condo Inspections):

Roof Inspection

We visually examine the roof from ground level to identify any potential issues or signs of damage.

Doors and Windows

We check all doors, windows, and other entry points to ensure they are secure and free from any signs of forced entry or tampering.

Sprinkler System

Your sprinkler system’s functionality is assessed to guarantee proper irrigation and prevent landscape damage.

Indicators of Problems

We keenly observe for any indicators of problems or potential issues that may require further investigation.

Interior Checks

Electrical System

A thorough examination of the electrical system, including the breaker panel and lights, to ensure proper functioning and safety.


We search for leaks in water zones such as kitchens, bathrooms, and water heaters. Faucets are run, toilets are flushed, and the dishwasher is cycled to identify and address plumbing concerns.

Floor and Ceiling Inspection

Evidence of leaks is meticulously inspected in both flooring and ceiling areas to prevent water damage.

Environmental Systems

We assess the condition and performance of heating and air conditioning units, monitoring temperature and humidity levels. Filters are checked and replaced when necessary to maintain air quality and system efficiency.

Security/Safety Systems

To ensure your safety, we test smoke detectors and alarm systems, confirming their operational status and readiness to respond to emergencies.

About Redland, FL

Nestled in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Redland, FL, is a hidden gem that beckons those seeking a unique blend of tranquility and tropical allure. This vibrant community offers an unparalleled lifestyle that combines the best of both worlds effortlessly.

Redland enjoys proximity to both Miami’s urban offerings and the natural wonders of the Everglades. It’s where you can savor the serenity of suburban living while being just a short drive away from the bustling energy of Miami’s vibrant neighborhoods.

Furthermore, it is often called the “Fruit Capital of Florida.” Here, you can relish farm-fresh produce, especially the delectable local fruits like avocados, lychees, and mangoes. The annual fruit festivals celebrate this bounty and taste the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

Here, you’ll find a diverse range of properties, from historic homes with character to modern residences surrounded by lush landscapes. Whether you seek a spacious family estate, a cozy country cottage, or a vacant lot to build your dream home, Redland has it all.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Florida: Brickell, Wynwood, Hammocks, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Doral, Dadeland, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Surfside, South Miami, Redland, and Florida City.

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