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Ready to leave your South Miami holiday home and go back to the city? There is always that nagging voice at the back of your head, telling you that something might happen during the months that you will be away.

You can quiet that voice and that dark, growing feeling by contacting the #1 home watch service company in South Miami, Income Realty Home Watch. We offer round-the-clock, home watch services protecting your home from malicious parties and from the elements of the weather.

When a property is vacant, there are a plethora of issues that could go wrong. Some of these issues might be outside of your neighbor’s control. Why don’t you employ Income Realty Home Watch as your guarantee against these problems? We are committed, licensed, and have the training to ensure your property is in good condition all year long.

Worried about the costs of our services? It is understandable given the hard economic times. Income Realty Home Watch ensures that its services are charged competitively, giving businesses and individuals value for money. You don’t have to incur a high cost to afford our services!

Get in touch with us today! You can book an appointment with one of Income Realty Home Watch’s team members for a site visit. You will also receive a quote for our home watch services.

Our Range of South Miami Home Watch Services

As the leading service provider in South Miami, North Miami, Surfside, Miami Lakes, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and beyond, Income Realty Home Watch offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of its diverse clients.

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We understand that every client has unique needs. Their property might come with specialized fittings and amenities. Income Realty Home Watch is always ready to tailor-make its services to ensure that every client has a smile on their face.

Our team has put together a few of our services to give you a taste.

Frequent Checks on the Property

Before we add your property to our portfolio, Income Realty Home Watch will design a checklist for your South Miami property. Your property might be unique in its fittings, services, or square footage. Our able team will ensure that every square inch is frequently inspected for signs of vandalism or theft.

We perform both interior and exterior checks to the property. Exterior checks include checks of every point of entry, sprinkler system, boiler/ heater, AC unit, roofing, and signs of foundation damage.

The interior check includes an assessment of the condition of every room, plumbing, and electrical system, an inspection of every appliance, HVAC system, humidifier, and more. Our team will also test the alarm system and the smoke detectors.

Provide Access and Supervise the Maintenance Crew

Should we find issues, you can rely on Income Realty Home Watch to provide access and supervise the maintenance crew as they come to offer repair services.

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From our experience in the industry, we have been able to create a network of capable handymen and contractors. We can always recommend quality professionals who will offer services of sound workmanship at an affordable price.

Storm Checks

If you have been a property owner in Florida for several years, you are not unaware of the possibility of storms in the area. They tend to come announced and wreak havoc left, right, and center. An impromptu storm can damage property and also carry away assets in the backyard.

When the local authorities sound the warning, Income Realty Home Watch will carry out a pre-storm check of your house. We will ensure that all windows and doors are shut and all items are safely stored within the house.

After the storm, it is only prudent to perform a post-storm check to ensure that there has been no damage. Both the exterior and interior of the house will be given a thorough check. With Income Realty Home Watch as your home watch service provider, you can be assured that your house is in the best care possible.

Home Preparation

Are you looking to sell off your property? There is no need for you to make your way all the way down. Save yourself the money. When you have Income Realty Home Watch as your partner, you can simply ask us to prepare the home for the potential buyer. They will find the property in its best condition.

Living in South Miami

Also known as the capital’s Little Sister, South Miami is one of the ideal places to live in the State. It is known as one of the oldest municipalities, established when the first mayor was sworn in.

One of South Miami’s key allures is its proximity. South Miami is located approximately 3 miles from Miami, giving it a more relaxed pace and atmosphere. Families and young couples have invested here, seeking to grow roots in the community. It also allows them to easily make the commute to the city without much hustle.

It is criminal to mention South Miami and not talk about the quality of the green spaces. Of importance is Dante Fascell Park. It is known for its plethora of activities and recreational options. Residents and guests to South Miami can choose to use the running trail, enjoy a game of volleyball, or try their luck at tennis.

Guests to South Miami are encouraged to visit the Farmer’s Market. It just recently opened at South Miami Library and has everything to make you feel healthy; from squeezed juice to fresh vegetables and fruits to fresh honey and jams.

Last but not least, we have a diversity of cultures. Everybody is welcome in South Miami. The community there opens its arms to guests of every race and culture. It’s what makes the area a target for visitors and also increases the allure during the winter months when the snowbirds come calling.

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Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Florida: Brickell, Miami, Wynwood, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Doral, Dadeland, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Surfside, and Florida City.

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