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Leaving your property with no one to care for or maintain it can cause issues. Property owners in Kendall and other Florida areas call upon the services of Income Realty Home Watch. With over 40 years of experience, we’re the team to rely on.

Our services are regulated by the National Home Watch Association. We’re in compliance with their insurance, bonding requirements, and background checks. By hiring Income Realty Home Watch, your Florida home is in the best hands.

Our Home Watch Services for Kendall Property Owners

Serving Kendall, Doral, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, and Florida City, Income Realty Home Watch is relied upon by hundreds of homeowners to meet their needs.

Some of our home watch services have been described below:

Weekly and Bi-weekly Checks

Depending on personal needs and the requirements of your insurance company, Income Realty Home Watch is willing to check on your property on a weekly or bi-weekly property. We keep an eye out for possible signs of vandals and squatters.

There is also the possibility of infestation by cockroaches, insects, or rodents. Our team knows what to look out for.

Accept Packages and Deliveries

Are you expecting to receive a package to your Kendall home? No need to stress about its safety when you have Income Realty Home Watch as your service provider.

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We’ll keep your package safe and sound until the day you come back to Miami-Dade County.

Pre and Post Storm checks

Due to its location near the tropics, Florida has quite a long history of storms and hurricanes. While you might have built your property to withstand the effects of said storms, you’ll need comprehensive checks before and after the storm to make sure there hasn’t been any damages.

Since our team is always monitoring warnings of a potential warning by the National Hurricane Center, Income Realty Home Watch will send a team to your property to ensure that all windows and doors are secure. Post-storm checks are meant to check for possible damage.

Home Open and Close Preparation

No one wants to come home to a dirty house that needs cleaning. With the leading home watch company as your partner, you’re guaranteed a clean house every time. A simple notice is all we need.

Our Comprehensive Check Process

Unless you own either a condo or an apartment, Income Realty Home Watch conducts both an interior and exterior check on your property.

Exterior Check

Upon arrival at your property, our team typically starts with an exterior survey of your property. We inspect the property, looking for any signs of forced entry, vandalism, or squatters.

A comprehensive check of the foundation, piping and other systems is then carried out. Income Realty Home Watch will also check the sturdiness of your windows, doors, and screens.

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To finalize, we’ll clear out unwanted newspapers, flyers, and advertising merchandise from your mailbox and front door.

Interior Check

Our first stop, once we move inside, is the security system. We’ll confirm that it’s working as it should, together with the smoke alarms, electrical appliances, circuit breakers, and whatnot. Should any batteries need to be replaced, we’ll handle it.

All rooms and service areas will be comprehensively checked. Windows and doors will be secured, all faucets checked, and plants will be watered. There might be some appliances that need to run to ensure their longevity and efficiency in the long run. You have nothing to worry about when your team is Income Realty Home Watch.

Income Realty Home Watch has the experience to detect any defects early on. Working with the owners’ authorization, we can supervise any repairs needed on the property. Over the years, we’ve identified and vetted the work of local handymen and contractors in the area. Be assured that all repairs and renovations will be carried out to professional standards.

Insurance Requirements

We don’t have to emphasize the importance of insurance for your property. It’s a must-have consideration for every home, guaranteeing that in case of any misgivings you are indemnified.

Property insurance companies today have included new clauses in their coverage, requiring homes to be regularly checked if they are unoccupied. In addition, the insurance company will need continuous updates that the property is being checked when you have gone back to work upstate.

Hire the service providers at Income Realty Home Watch. We have an electronic reporting system that keeps your insurance company updated with the date and time, every time we make a stop.

Living in Kendall, Florida

Kendall is one of the best places to live in Miami-Dade County and in Florida. The area offers its resident the complete suburban feel with a taste of modern amenities.

The first attraction of living in Kendall has to be its climate. You’re assured of 300+ days of sun and blue skies in Florida. And while the rest of the country is stifled with snow during winter, Kendall residents enjoy more than comfortable weather.

As a major tourist attraction, Florida is a hotspot for investors who have driven property prices up. Kendall offers individuals and households an affordable choice compared to other neighborhoods in the country. In addition to the affordability, the air is cleaner, the neighborhood more serene, and the cost of living is lower.

There are several quality middle and high schools in Kendall. Some of the highly-rated public schools in the district include Pinecrest Elementary School, North Dade Center for Modern Languages Elementary School, Mast Academy, and Design & Architecture Senior High School.

With the quality of life, modern amenities, and quality schools, choosing to reside in Kendall is a decision that you will not regret.

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Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Florida: Brickell, Miami, Hammocks, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Doral, Dadeland, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Surfside, Wynwood, South Miami, and Florida City

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