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Are you worried about the safety of your Miami Shores home as you move back to the city? This is a common worry for individuals and households that own a second home in Miami and its environs. For your peace of mind, get in touch with the leading service provider in the area, Income Realty Home Watch.

From our experience in the Florida area, we appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the property. There are no two properties that are the same. Income Realty Home Watch offers tailor-made home watch services that are customized to meet each client at the point of their needs. When you leave your home with us, you are guaranteed a comprehensive service.

We are an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association. Not only do we have the accreditations, but we also have the experience, expertise, and resources to ensure that your home is being looked after professionally.

Do you have questions about our services? Find out more about Income Realty Home Watch by giving us a call.

Our Range of Miami Florida Home Watch Property Services

Being a market leader in the Miami Home Watch industry, Income Realty Home Watch is relied upon by dozens of property owners in Miami Shores. We offer a wide range of solutions for our clients. To give you an appreciation of what we offer, some of them have been detailed below:

Weekly & Bi-weekly Checks

To ensure that your property is in the best condition and that we nip any problems in the bud, Income Realty Home Watch carries out comprehensive checks of both the exterior and the interior. If we encounter any issues, we immediately inform you and implement the agreed-upon strategy in the short time possible.

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For the exterior of the house, our team will look into:

  • The roof’s condition
  • The various points of entry, such as the windows and doors
  • The status of any outdoor appliances such as the HVAC, the boiler, and the sprinkler system

Satisfied with the condition of the exterior, we will move to the interior of the property. Our reliable team will check on the following:

  • We will thoroughly assess every sink, toilet, bathtub, and water fixture. The goal is to ensure there are no leakages and that the fixtures are in good condition.
  • The team from Income Realty Home Watch will inspect the various electrical outlets, the wiring, and circuit boxes
  • Environmental systems. This includes the HVAC units.
  • We will also run tests of the alarm system to ensure that it is working as it should

Once we have checked every system, we will also look for signs of squatters and possible vandalism. Our team has the experience and training and therefore knows what to look out for.

Acceptance of Deliveries

We know that you might be worried about the state of your delivery box since you are several thousand miles away. You can put down our phone number as the contact person and we will receive the gift in your stead.

Income Realty Home Watch offers a comprehensive solution to your home watch needs ensuring that every need of your property is well taken care of.

Supervision of Maintenance

Have you scheduled for planned maintenance of the property or for some of the appliances while you are away? You don’t have to cancel anything; not when you have Income Realty Home Watch as your partner.

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We will give access to the property maintenance team. Income Realty Home Watch can also supervise the task given our decades of experience in the property management industry. We can assure you that the standard of work will be up to par.

Pre & Post-storm Checks

If you have lived in Florida for some time, you know of how unpredictable the Florida storms can be. One minute you are enjoying beautiful sunshine and weather, the next you are being warned of an incoming storm.

You don’t have to worry when you have Income Realty Home Watch as your property home watch service provider. Once we get news of an incoming storm, we will inspect the external and internal areas to ensure every loose item is secured. All entry doors will be locked and double-checked.

After the storm, our team will come over to conduct a post-storm check. We will assess the condition of the roof, windows, doors, and any external appliances such as the sprinkler system.

Why Should You Hire Income Realty Home Watch?

  • Our company has over 4 decades of experience managing residential and commercial properties in Miami Florida
  • We have been accredited by the National Home Watch Association
  • Income Realty Home Watch’s staff receives the best training to guarantee that they have the skills, resources, and expertise to keep your home safe

Living in Miami Shores

Located in Miami-Dade County, Miami Shores is one of the best places to call home in Florida. The area boasts a suburban feel with several green spaces, quality public schools, and a diverse ethnic community.

The economy in Miami Shores is doing significantly well with a number of companies offering well-paying jobs. The workforce in the area is employed in sales, administrative support, and hospitality. There are also a number of entrepreneurs, especially in the art and music scene which can be attributed to the concentration of artists in Miami Shores.

Florida is known for its expensive real estate thanks to its allure as a tourist attraction, the good weather, and its location on the coast. While it might be higher than the national average, Miami Shores’ real estate is lower than the cost of acquiring property in most areas in Florida.

Miami Shores is known as a melting pot of cultures, so anyone and everyone can find their place! It’s a welcoming environment that encourages community values for all its new and old residents.

The public schools in Miami Shores are highly rated. School for Advanced Studies- Homestead and Mast Academy are two of the notable mentions in the area. As for private options, we have the Miami Country Day School, the Cushman School, and Scheck Hillel Community School.

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Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Florida: Brickell, Miami Shores, Wynwood, Hammocks, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Doral, Dadeland, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Surfside, South Miami, and Florida City.

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